Tuesday, 19 November 2013

ODSS Timetable

Why ODSS Should Change It's Class Rotation

      I strongly believe that Orangeville District Secondary School should change it's class rotation from only afternoon classes to include morning classes too. Presently, ODSS has a Day 1 and Day 2 this means that each student's afternoon classes switch every Day Two. This is a very useful system for students who are active in school sports or other extra-curricular activities where they miss classes at the end of the day. The rotation allows students to miss different afternoon classes when they are away making it easier to catch up on the work they missed. However, I think this system can be greatly improved by including the morning classes into the rotation. Instead of 2 different days I suggest that we have 4 different days so by Day 3 and 4 the morning classes will be in the afternoon. Even though this may be confusing and hard to understand at first the benefits of a full class rotation are impressive. It will allow students who miss many last classes to even out their work load when they get back, so they won't only fall behind in one class. Systems like this have already been introduced in schools like Center Dufferin District High School in Shelburne, Ontario. In conclusion, I think that ODSS should change it's class timetable rotation to include morning classes to benefit students involved in extra-curricular activities where they miss class. 


  1. I agree with you, Riley. When I attended ODSS as a student, we had a rotation similar to what you are suggesting. I don't know when it changed.

    I agree with your point about students in athletics always missing the same classes. I also think it would benefit students in the applied and workplace streams to have their "core" subjects in the morning once in a while.

    I think the reason we have a two day schedule is because of co-op. I think it makes it easier for those students to arrange their work placements. There are also other programs, such as Teddy Bear Playschool, that require a stable timetable.

  2. I believe that Ms Le is correct - it was changed to keep morning classes in the morning and afternoon classes in the afternoon for specialty programs like co-op, Teddy Bear Playschool and the foods classes. There wouldn't be lunch 2 days out of 4 if the morning cooking classes were in the afternoon!
    I think it must be a difficult decision trying to weigh the needs of special programs with the benefits of a fuller rotation for the general population.

  3. I think that morning classes should also rotate. My reasoning is that I feel students are not fully awake in 1st period. I have found that 1st period classes are often quiet and it is hard to get students to engage in discussion and other activities. By rotating we can ensure that we eliminate the 1st period class where it is hard to engage students everyday. Maybe a 2 day rotation so it is ABCD on day one and BADC on day 2. Makes it easy on CO-OP and sports.

  4. I agree with you riley having the same 2 classes every morning can be pretty boring, my first period class is english which i believe to be an important class but some days i am not fully awake and dont do my best work i think if it rotated so it wasnt first every day i could be more involved.

  5. I agree with you riley, aswell as mr.bryson. We need a change in our schedule its quite boring doing the same thing everyday at the same time. Whether its flipping the first two class aswell as the last two, or completely doing a full rotation from, ABCD to DABC to CDAB to BCDA.